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Employee Wellness Services

Have you considered partnering with a non-profit wellness company to meet your employee's wellness needs? When you partner with us, the wellness dollars you spend on services also help us work with our community-based wellness programs, serving kids and low-income families, at no extra cost to you. Help us help those in need by partnering with us today.

Healthy Adventures Foundation is a non-profit (501c3). We offer comprehensive employee wellness and what sets us apart is that we are mission-driven not profit driven! Our services are very individualized and hands-on, leaving a richer experience for your employees. We strive for quality using evidence-based practices, with highly qualified employees to serve your organization. 

Our employee wellness programs are high-quality and comprehensive that are also affordable and adaptable to virtually any wellness budget. The great part of partnering with us is that when you partner with us, any excess revenues go back into our community and youth based programs. By partnering with us, you also give back into the community If you are interested in partnering with us and/or would like a proposal for your organization's wellness programsplease call 619-466-4386 or send us an email.

Our programs can include some or all the following options:

We are able to provide these services both on-site and off

Wellness Challenges/Competitions
Wellness challenges are our most commonly used resource. Our team works with your group to establish a competition or challenge pertaining to any aspect of health. Our most popular challenges are our weight loss and walking challenges. Along with one or more of our staff, we can help you develop a unique challenge for your company or organization.

Health Coaching
Healthy Adventures Foundation offers health coaching to organizations, as an employee benefit or perk, individuals groups, and families. Our health coaching can be conducted in-person, over the phone, via email, or any combination of the three options. Our health coaches work one on one with clients to help them create health-related goals and provide the tools to reach those goals. As part of the health coaching process, our coaches help clients set measurable and achievable goals, monitor their progress, and keep track of changes in their health. Areas of service include nutrition, fitness, physical activity, behavior modification, injury and disease management strategies, stress management, support, expert guidance, and more. Coaching can be an effective way to help with accountability, create a support network, and to actively engage in healthy lifestyle changes. The duration of health coaching services is based on individual health conditions and personal needs. Our ultimate goal is to equip patients with the knowledge and tools needed to succeed on their own

Health Screenings
We have trained staff available to perform biometric health evaluations. We perform height and weight measurements, body composition percentages, girth measurements, blood pressure, waist-to-height ratio, body mass index (BMI), grip strength, body age, lung capacity testing, oxygen saturation, and more. We can also track these measurements to give clients a view of multiple health-related variables over time, and provide organizational reports, de-identified and aggregately.

Lunch and Learn Meetings / Wellness Workshops
These informational workshops are designed to educate staff on a variety of different topics. Some of our more popular sessions relate to Foods and Moods, Link Between Mental and Physical Health, Helping Professions Taking Charge of their Own Health, Diabetes Management, Stress Management, Nutrition 101, Exercise 101, Balancing Intake/Output, Weight Loss Strategies, Goal Setting/Behavior Changes, and more. Some of these classes can also be available in Spanish.

Healthy Cooking Demonstration/Classes
Our healthy cooking classes are our most popular classes. HAF's Chef Greg can come out and demonstrate how to cook in healthy and tasty ways, incorporating phytochemicals and functional foods that promote active disease prevention. The workshop can be done in a demonstration format or hands-on classes. Every class includes recipes and samples. 

Staff Fitness Classes
We have excited staff waiting to make you sweat! Exercise topics currently available are Kickboxing, Stability Balls, Circuit Boot-camp, Yoga, Body Weight Training, Kettlebells, Pilates, and more. Get your coworkers together and take an hour to get your heart rate up and your workout in.

Professional and Motivational Speakers
We have professional speakers available for conferences, trainings, staff development workshops and more. Our topics available surround all aspects of health and related topics.

Organizational Consulting
Healthy Adventures Foundation's executive team offers consulting services to assist non-profits, government agencies, public services entities, and others in a wide variety of business development strategies designed to create healthier organizations.

Grant Writing
Healthy Adventures Foundation responds to the needs of the San Diego community and surrounding areas by offering free grant-writing services for our partnered organizations (contact us for more details).

Our Customers
HAF is working with over 150 organizations throughout the United States, to government agencies, public utilities, school districts, non-profits, and for-profit corportations to create healthy opportunities for all employees.  We are excited about the opportunity to work alongside you to help you reach your health and wellness goals!  If there is a service you would like that you do not see listed, just ask, we may be able to create it just for you!

Healthy Adventures Foundation
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