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Youth Programs

Healthy Adventures Foundation (501(c)(3)) offers a number of youth and community services and program that promote healthy lifestyle and development. All of the services, programs and classes focus on developing skills surrounding health and wellness, nutrition education, physical activity/fitness classes, stress reduction, youth leadership and character development, building confidence, gardening, and healthy cooking classes. These programs exist to support, educate, and empower youth to take create healthy lifestyles by taking control of their nutritional habits, stress management, and physical activity levels. 

Healthy Adventures Foundation partners with a wide-variety of organizations to services foster care, underserved, and at-risk youth. All the services, programs and classes are located at the partner agencies' locations. Here are some of the programs where our services might fit well (this list is not exhaustive): recess activities (before/after school and during lunch), after-school Programs, library programs, senior centers, community and recreational centers, faith-based programs, and more!  To schedule healthy lifestyle services at your site, please contact Wendy Hileman at (619) 466-4386 or email us.

We are currently partnered with Promises 2 Kids, Polinsky Children's Center, the County of San Diego Libraries, City Libraries, and low-income housing communities. When working with these groups we provide creative and active games, as well as educational classes which engage the youth. In giving these children the tools to understand and manage their wellness, we give them a better chance and living long, happy, healthy lives.

The list below provides examples of some of services, programs and classes we offer. It is not exhaustive and topics can be tailored to your specific needs. If your program serves low-income youth and is a non-profit (501(c)(3)) or public entity (e.g. public schools, libraries, etc.), we have a program match fee schedule. Contact us for more information: Wendy Hileman, PhD, 619-466-4386 or email.  

No-cost Services:

Fee-Based Services:


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